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What’s better? Tablets, capsules or powders?

When it comes to choosing between tablets, capsules and powders, the opinions are multiple and varied. Depending on personal preferences, you’ll find everyone from your neighbour to your colleague advocating the option that apparently works best for them. But all physical aspects apart, let’s take a look at the medical benefits of each to determine who wins the debate on the most effective health supplement.


The composition of a tablet is such that a lot of material is compressed and packed into a tiny tablet, which translates to more nutrients being driven home in a lesser dosage. When it comes to powders, manufacturers mostly tend to make it more appealing to people by enhancing its taste, and in this process the effectiveness of powders is often notably reduced.


Since tablets have the most material packed in a small space, this compression allows it to have a longer shelf life with its potency in tact for nearly 2-3 years (depending on its composition). Capsules, on the other hand, have a gelatine or vegetable coating on top of its contents, which is either in powdered or liquid form. However, since the coating isn’t air-tight, that results in a shorter shelf-life as compared to tablets. In the case of powders, the additives and flavours included to enhance its taste tend to fade over time, often before its expiry date as well.


When it comes to multivitamins, we don’t want them to be disintegrated in the stomach, as in that case, the nutrients would be damaged before they reach the intestine, and ultimately be excreted without benefiting your body in any way. Since, the intestine is where the nutrients are absorbed, you need something that is protected and time-released, like in the case of tablets, to ensure optimum results.


Another fact that you need to take into consideration is the portability of your health supplement. When you are going out for the weekend, the usual options include having to measure out your daily dose of powdered supplement and finding a suitably small, airtight container to carry them in; or else having to lug the entire huge box around. Whereas in the case of tablets, you can just slip in the strip of tablets into the smallest pocket of your bag, and you're good to go. In fact, you can even keep one extra strip of tablets in your bag, in case of sudden plans and outings. It sure doesn't require any space or hassle, and this way you can ensure that your health supplement is always at hand.

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