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5 ways to fight frizzy hair

5 ways to fight frizzy hair

Come summer, and good hair days can seem to become a distant memory, leaving you with an unmanageable frizzy mess. With the temperatures gradually soaring, dust and sweat can further add to the woes of dandruff, split ends, dullness and excessive hair fall. As the temperature inches up this year, let your concerns be restricted to making the most of the holiday season. Our handy summer haircare guide can take care of the rest.

Cover It Up

Tips to fight frizzy hair cover it up with scarf

While lathering up with sunscreen gains top priority during the warmer months, adequate haircare often takes a backseat, or goes entirely unnoticed. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can greatly damage hair cuticles, leaving them more prone to split ends, frizz and premature thinning. It makes sense to cover your precious mane with a scarf or hat when you are stepping out in the sun to protest your tresses from unwanted sun damage, and to safeguard your hairstyle from the breeze.

Dry Shampoo

Tips to fight frizzy hair apply dry shampoo

Washing your hair extremely frequently can strip your scalp of its natural oils, making it look dull and lifeless. A better alternative would be to use a handy dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair feeling fresh and clean, and to limit the hair washes to 2-3 times a week. It helps to store a a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo in your purse when you are out in the sun for long to absorb any grease that builds up at the roots.

Stay Away From Heat Styling

Tips to fight frizzy hair stay away from heat styling

The sun does a massive job of drying out your hair, so it is best to avoid blow drying your hair at a high temperature to avoid piling on to the damage. For minimal hair damage, it is advisable to towel-dry your hair first, and then use a cold blast of the hair dryer to finish off. Exposing dripping wet hair to high heat only ends up adding to the frizz, and makes your strands brittle.

Opt For Comfortable Hairstyles

Tips to fight frizzy hair opt for comfortable hairstyles

Styling extremely sleek hairdos is best avoided in summers, as tight hairstyles can exert additional pressure on your hair which is already toiling away under the hot sun. Messy braids and loose ponytails make for a relaxed yet trendy option instead. Likewise, men should go easy on hair products as the humidity and dust can make it look heavy and unnatural. The best bet for men is a short textured hair cut that requires little or no maintenance.

Some Extra TLC

Tips to fight frizzy hair some extra TLC

Since your hair is going through a lot, it would be beneficial if you can indulge it with some extra TLC by means of a nightly treatment. Apply a generous dose of leave-in conditioner to your mane, and cover it with a shower cap or towel before sleeping to wake up to frizz-free, hydrated hair in the morning.

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