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The one homegrown superfood that needs to be on your plate this year

You spent hours agonising over getting the perfect acai bowl, only to find out that matcha lattes were now the new thing. Trends come and trends go on the revolving door of superfoods, but if you are looking at making 2018 your fittest year yet, you might want to train your gaze homewards. With a rich heritage of antioxidant properties and nutrients, the most powerful superfoods have been hiding in plain sight all along at your local grocer’s. If you’re looking for an all-purpose solution for everything from a common cold to cholesterol, it’s time to add tulsi to your daily diet. Here’s what you can expect in return.

Boosted immunity

The medicinal benefits of Tulsi are endless. You never know when bacterial or viral infections may strike, which is why it pays to keep your immune system prepared. Apart from being widely hailed as a possible cure for cancer, holy basil also helps strengthen your body’s defence system against infections.

Not sure how to make the most of this superfood in your diet? Start out by including taking a single tablet of Pure Cure + Co.’s Tulsi twice daily after meals to help strengthen your body’s immunity system and fend off ailments and infection. The absence of synthetic fillers, binders or casings makes for rapid absorption, courtesy of ancient Ayurvedic techniques that preserve the herb’s natural restorative properties.

Reduced stress levels

Whether you are looking for emotional relief or physical ease, tulsi’s restorative mechanism comes packed with adaptogens that bring about a therapeutic effect on your system. It works on soothing bodily functions from physical exertion and stabilises hormonal levels.

Relieves headache

The takeaway from all the hours we spend glued to our screens is a sharp spike in the number of daily headaches and triggers of migraine.The camphene and eugenol in each helping of tulsi serves as an effective disinfectant and analgesic to provide relief from sinus pressure, coughs and high blood pressure issues.

Prevents premature ageing

Nothing can help slow down your body clock like a healthy flooding of antioxidants in your system to boost your skin’s vitality. With multiple essential vitamins and phytonutrients in its composition, tulsi has always been considered as the anti ageing medicine in Ayurveda, it works to improve your body’s stress response with its detoxification qualities resulting in a youthful, more energetic you.