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The Link Between Body Weight And Immunity


The link between body weight and immunity

2021 may have started as a year like any other, but a global health crisis soon prompted governments across the world to issue lockdown orders. While social distancing is essential, it is also necessary to boost the immune system to ward off any illnesses. The internet is rife with speculative claims about miracle foods, but the key to a strong immunity ultimately comes down to maintaining an essential balance with your body weight. Here’s how.

Why Your Body Weight Is Linked To Your Immunity
The journey to strengthening the immune system begins with understanding the role that it plays in your body. The immune system is a complex network of cells that are trained to shield the body from invaders, such as viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies. These cells need to co-exist in balance to provide sufficient immunity to the body. However, excess fat can often wreak havoc on this balance by turning the body’s defence system against you. Scientific studies have discovered that excessive abdominal fat can promote the creation of inflammation in the body which can lead to a greater risk of heart diseases. Thus, maintaining an ideal weight becomes the need of the hour for boosting the immune system and warding off illnesses.

Foods That Boost Immunity And Aid Weight Loss
If you are hoping to shed some kilos, look no further than nature’s bounty. These are the fruits and vegetables that offer up a healthier route to reaching your goal weight while also fortifying the immune system:


Foods that boost immunity oranges

Instead of reaching for a preservative-laden juice in the morning, opt for this low-calorie citrus fruit that will deliver on all the flavour with none of the additives. As a bonus, you’ll be able to walk away with a high dose of nutrients, including immunity-boosting vitamin C.


Foods that boost immunity kale

Thanks to its low-calorie nutrient profile, kale serves as the go-to food for weight loss. It can also work wonders for strengthening the immunity system with a powerful roster of antioxidants, including vitamin C.


Foods that boost immunity yogurt

A staple in Indian households, this probiotic maintains balance in the digestive tract and helps burn more calories throughout the day. The high amount of protein it contains also bodes good news for your immune system.


 Foods that boost immunity garlic

Beyond serving as a flavourful addition to any dish, garlic also works as an appetite suppressant that keeps you fuller for longer during the day. Eating one clove of garlic raw with every meal further helps fight infections and boost immunity.

Chicken soup

 Foods that boost immunity chicken soup

If you’ve ever had a steaming hot bowl of chicken broth during a cold, you’ll know that it works wonders for curing congestion in the chest. It can also aid the process of satiety to keep you from bingeing on less healthy foods.

Dr Arun, co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., says, “Given the times we live in, maintaining a healthy body weight will keep the immune system prepared and ready to fight off any infections and illnesses. Weight loss and boosting immunity are the two key health goals that will work hand-in-hand to keep you safe during the current crisis.” Trim from Pure Cure + Co. will help you take the first step towards achieving your ideal body weight with a herbal formula that helps break down stored body fat and convert it into energy. When teamed with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise, you will notice visible results in one month.

You can also look to supercharge your body’s resistance and healing powers with immunity booster ayurvedic herbs from Pure Cure + Co. Made from Giloy (Guduchi), this Ayurvedic superfood is particularly beneficial in protecting the respiratory system. For best results, opt for one tablet twice a day for 15 days to ward off infections and illnesses.




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