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Relax on the Go

Relax on the go

You’re juggling zillion things that need to get done NOW, if not yesterday. You’ve been working flat out for what feels like forever. You know you need to take some time out and just relax. But there are only 24 hrs a day and a vacation seems like a fantasy. Here’s what you can do in the meantime:

Walk mindfully
Tips to relax walk mindfully

A simple meditation technique, this simply means being aware of your surroundings and your own rhythm as you walk. You don’t need any props, you don’t need to slow down or change your route. Just focus on the walking, on each step, on your breathing, on what you are feeling. Feel the environment around you - the sun on your face, the humidity in the air, or that wintry chill, the excited chattering of a squirrel, the chirping of a bird or the hum of traffic. Don’t think about all the conversations of the day before, all the things you need to follow up on or the mountain of things you need to attack next. For the moment, you’re walking, and while you are walking, just remain in the now. Sounds easy? Great. If you need help drowning out the mental chatter, find your favourite music, hit play and plug your earphones in.

Eat mindfully
Tips to relax eat mindfully

Worried we’re going to say you need to go on a special diet? Breathe. All we want you to do is to stop multitasking during meal times. When you’re eating, just eat. Put down your book, stop staring at your smartphone and turn off the TV. Tune out from the world and tune in to your body and what you’re putting in it. Don’t just spoon food into your mouth, experience it — revel in its aroma, taste and texture, even the sight of it. You’ll find that you eat better and healthier.

Sleep mindfully
Tips to relax sleep mindfully

Most of us don’t get as much sleep as we need and have been operating in low battery mode for ages. Or we sleep a reasonable number of hours but still wake up feeling tired. To get the most of your sleep time and recharge your system, turn off all your devices at least 15 minutes before you sleep. No crashing with the TV on or your phone pinging away next to you. Instead, lead up to bedtime by relaxing your body and consciously helping each part of your body unwind. Calm your mind with some breathing exercises. Feel the tension fade away and welcome restful, sound sleep.

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