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Post Diwali Detox

Post diwali detox

Diwali, can easily be termed amongst the most widely celebrated festivals in India. The time of the year when the whole country is lit up and a festive air takes over everyone. It is also the time that the constant supply of rich food, yummy snacks and mouth-watering sweets take centrestage, and diets and gym sessions stay forgotten. Fast forward to the week after Diwali, when you have gotten back to work and can’t seem to shake off those post-festive blues. Your metabolism is in a mess, and so is your sleeping schedule due to the late night celebrations. In short, your body is begging for a complete detox. Read on for a couple of easy tips to help you out with a Post Diwali Detox.


Tips for post diwali detox complete body detox

There’s no denying that the oil-rich treats and calorie laden sweets have had a negative impact on your digestive system as well as your cholesterol levels. You need to address the problem then and there to avoid it from blowing out of proportion. Rather than going down the medical route and adding chemical laden medicines, try the magical Ayurveda herb Triphala, that is an excellent laxative as it cleanses the entire digestive tract without any side effects. You could use Flush from Pure Cure + Co. to avail the benefits of this herb without the tension of any pesky side effects.


Tips for post diwali detox skip on alcohol for mental detox

It’s not just about the food we consume during such festivals, but also the late night family get-togethers, loud music and partying that tend to make you more anxious and stressed out. Getting back to your job post such festivities becomes a challenging task, as a gloomy atmosphere takes over. While is there is no escaping the unavoidable work demands, what you can do is look for a solution to calm your mind. Relax from Pure Cure + Co., is made from a time-tested Ayurvedic formula that can relieve stress, relax the body and keep you calm and positive. Skip on the alcohol for a while, to experience first-hand a complete mental detox.


Tips for post diwali detox meditation for soul cleanse

Meditation goes a long way, when you are looking to have a soul cleanse, it can help you deal with anxiety and stress. Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co. is of the opinion that, “Regular yoga and Pranayam is essential when you are looking to lead a stress free life, it does wonders for your mental wellbeing”.

Follow these tips so that your time post Diwali is as happy as it was during all the festivities.




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