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Period Hacks: Easy Ways To Feel Better During That Time Of The Month

Easy ways to feel better during that time of the month

Periods are often synonymous with painful, uncomfortable days that women go through every month. Nevertheless, everything needn’t be so doom and gloom. With a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can feel better equipped to face your menstrual cycle head-on. While many women reach for over-the-counter medications to alleviate the excruciating cramps, there are other alternatives that can help ease the pains in a more natural way. Read on to learn about a handful of period hacks that can help you feel better on your period.


Tips to feel better during periods hot water bag for cramps

Muscle contractions in the uterus due to the release of a hormone called prostaglandin is what is responsible for your menstrual cramps. Instead of popping painkillers, try using a hot water bag on your lower abdomen and lower back to alleviate the pain. Heat increases the blood flow and helps in relaxing the contracting muscles. If you are at work, then you can opt for a microwaveable heating pad or heating strips. Even if you don’t own any of these heating pads, you can make a DIY heating pad by stuffing an old sock with rice and heating it in the microwave. Just be extra cautious not to burn yourself with the DIY heating pad.


Tips to feel better during periods snacks with fruits and nuts

Salty snacks are the absolute worst when you are on your period. Processed foods contain a high amount of sodium, which only contributes to more bloating. Sweet cravings are also best avoided, as they give short energy bursts and leave you more burnt out and jittery after a while. Fruits, veggies and nuts are a great alternative to a pack of chips. Also, satisfy your sweet craving with dark chocolate, which is rich in magnesium and helps regulate serotonin levels and elevate your mood.

Tips to feel better during periods do yoga

The feeling of your insides being squeezed can make you feel quite down in the dumps. You’d be amazed at how much yoga can help, not only in soothing your muscles but also in uplifting your mood. Deep breathing practised during yoga helps oxygen circulate throughout your body and get to your muscles, which goes a long way in soothing the painful cramps. Meditating works to quell the anxiety and tension in your body, leaving you much calmer.


Tips to feel better during periods cut down on caffeine

During your period, energy levels are low due to the loss of iron in the body, which contributes to constant fatigue. Adding caffeine to this scenario only makes things worse, as it hinders a good night’s sleep. Caffeine can stay in your body for about 5 hours, so just skipping the late-night cuppa won’t help you sleep better. It is best to ditch coffee for the entire duration of your menstrual cycle and also look to cut down its consumption throughout the month.

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