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Looking For Glowing Skin? We Bet You Haven't Tried These Tips Yet

Looking for glowing skin we bet you haven't tried these tips yet

Hectic work schedules, an erratic eating pattern and inadequate sleep can take their toll on the skin. Add to that the environmental aggressors, like dust, sun and pollution, which don’t do your visage any favours. Just a simple day cream will not give you flawless skin. Here are some handy natural tips for the skin of your dreams - radiant, young and glowing.

Avoid long hot showers 

Tips for glowing skin avoid long hot showers

A hot shower after an exhausting day may feel great, but prolonged exposure to steaming water can make your skin dry and cracked as the skin’s oil barrier is stripped away. So ensure that your water is warm not steaming and do not exceed 10 minutes.

Put aloe vera gel every day

Tips for glowing skin put aloe vera get everyday

Spread a little aloe vera gel on your dry skin areas every day. Aloe vera is known to be a natural moisturiser. Oily, dry or sensitive, it works its magic on every skin type and is the secret to getting flawless skin. If you’re looking to go natural, cut the end of an aloe leaf, split it and spread it over the dry areas.

Put garlic in your dishes

Tips for glowing skin garlic in your food

While it has been proven that eating garlic can protect you from a number of diseases, it is also a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help cure acne. Also, eating one clove of raw garlic with honey and lemon first thing in the morning can delay the formation of wrinkles.

Drink lots of orange juice 

Tips for glowing skin drink lots of orange juice

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, essential for making collagen which helps to keep the skin soft and fresh. For problems like uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars and general dullness, vitamin C serves as a handy saviour. Guava, kiwi and red pepper are also good sources of vitamin C.

One scrub a day

Tips for glowing skin face scrub everyday

Rub your face every day with a sponge squash to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath. In your shower, you can rub your face with a natural scrub made of sugar, honey and a few drops of lemon juice to hydrate your visage and reveal softer skin.

Hands off!

Tips for glowing skin hand off

Your hands touch so many things, and they are carriers of dust and germs. Rubbing your eyes or passing your hands over the face can result in contamination.  Wash your hands regularly. Similarly, while talking on the phone, it is advisable to use a headset. 

Drink plenty of water

Tips for glowing skin drink plenty of water


We are all aware of the need to stay hydrated to be healthy. The Japanese women, famous for their smooth porcelain skin, have a custom of drinking water on an empty stomach immediately after waking up every morning. Drinking warm water can increase your body temperature and release toxins from the body and prevent the growth of acne.

Get adequate sleep

Tips for glowing skin get good sleep

While you are sleeping, the skin’s repair mechanisms swing into action. Hence, a good 6-8 hours of sound sleep is very essential. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, put on your favourite night cream and settle down to rest in a cool, dark, quiet room.

Dr Arun (#askdrarun), the *co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., further elaborates, “The easiest route to glowing skin is to detoxify the body. When the blood is purified and the circulation is improved, it paves the way for healthy skin and a clear complexion.” Glow from Pure Cure + Co. opts for the holistic approach to skincare with an antioxidant action that aids the healing and repair of pigmentation while also taking care of uneven skin tone and blemishes. Add 1-2 tablets twice daily before meals to your daily diet for 2 weeks to observe a visible improvement in the quality of your skin.




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