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Master The Yogic Breath

Master the yogic breath

Yogic Breath is a deeply balancing pranayama (breathing exercise) that benefits vata, pitta, and kapha. It is sometimes known as three-part breath because it works with three different sections of the torso and naturally engages all three lobes of the lungs. Yogic Breath revitalizes the entire body with prana (essential life force). In particular, it benefits the vital organs, which can easily become stagnant, constricted, or fraught with emotional and physical tension when we experience stress.

Yogic Breath relieves stress, refreshes the mind, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging a calmer, more balanced state of being overall. It also helps to correct unhealthy breathing patterns. This pranayama can be engaged at any time, but it is especially beneficial when practiced intently for five to fifteen minutes every day preferably on an empty stomach. The early morning is an ideal time to practice Yogic Breath.







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