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How to Focus on Your Goal

How to focus on your goal

A goal that’s not being sought after is like bursting a balloon - it starts big, and with a bang, slowly fizzes out into nothing. Negligence is that bursting of the balloon.

Here are a few powerful methods to stay focused without getting distracted.

Put it Down

Tips to focus on your goals write your goals down

There, there - now you have yet another excuse to buy a new diary. This is one of the most important and motivational aspects of setting a goal. Writing your goals down makes them more realistic and you sense an urgency to finish them. Plus, striking something off your list is just so satisfying.  

Manage your Time

Tips to focus on your goals manage your time

To achieve your goal, it’s important that you waste no time. And yes, procrastinating counts. Here’s how you can go about this. Divide your goals into 4 categories:

- Urgent and Important

- Urgent but Not Important

- Not Urgent and Not Important

- Important but Not Urgent.

This is also where prioritising comes into play, like having that presentation finished before you go looking for the new episode of your favourite TV show.

Follow a Plan

Tips to focus on your goals plan your next move

Plan, plan, plan. Planning your next move is necessary to ensure that everything flows smoothly. So spell it out and construct a massive master plan. You can always change it along the way but have a set of steps to know what you need to change.

Keep going, and achieve that big scary dream. You’ve got this!

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