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Explained: Ayurveda’s Approach To Corona virus

Explained: Ayurveda’s approach to corona virus

Ayurveda focuses on the person, the host. Every seed that can grow will not grow in every soil. Ayurvedic wisdom is to empower the soil of the body so that the virus cannot take hold. This is pure personalised medicine at its best.

Since it was first reported in December 2019, coronavirus has sparked a global crisis. From its origins in Wuhan in China, the virus has quickly travelled through continents with the death toll exceeding 3,000. The unprecedented virus is said to have infected thousands more, but in the global panic that has ensued, it is essential to stay informed and keep away from false rumours and misinformation. Here is everything you need to know about the respiratory virus and the Ayurvedic approach to preventing it.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the name given to a family of viruses with symptoms that appear like a respiratory cold. Much like a common cold, the symptoms include fever, cough and shortness while breathing. The highly contagious virus can spread from person to person through human contact or when an infected person coughs and sneezes, which is why you’ll find people wearing masks before stepping out on the streets. It is said that symptoms can show up any time between one to fourteen days after a person has come in contact with it.

Scientists are calling this new virus ‘Covid-19’, and there is no specific treatment for the virus developed yet. Infected people can be assisted with supportive measures, such as delivery of fluids and medication to ease breathing. Experts around the globe are in agreement that the best course of action is to ensure that you prevent catching the infection through simple measures, such as washing your hands and face with soap after heading indoors and cleaning frequently touched objects with a disinfectant regularly. The wisdom of Ayurveda further sheds light on this phenomenon, and preventive measures can also be found in this ancient text.

The Ayurvedic approach to coronavirus

The ancient text of Charak Samhita prescribes the root cause of the derangement of all vayu and environment as unnatural, which can disrupt the seasonal cycle, land and water. The pollution of these resources lead to the outbreak of epidemics. The text also prescribes a way out of the dilemma. When the doshic balance is maintained, no disease can harm the human body.

The first and most important measure is to eat food that has been cooked according to the needs of the body. Timely food, proper exercise, clean gut, meditation and intake of Rasayana medicines will help a person in strengthening their immunity and setting up a defence mechanism against diseases like the coronavirus.

One can also look to include black pepper, basil, liquorice, dry ginger, coriander and curcuma daily in their daily diet to keep their Agni (digestive fire) strong. Those who got good rest and timely medical care didn't lose their life in corona, nipha and other stronger viruses as well. By simply being conscious of one’s diet and regimen, one can keep any unwarranted sicknesses at bay.




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