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Detox Your Lifestyle

Detox your lifestyle

After the holiday season, detoxing is a great way to help get rid of those toxins (and chocolate chip cookies). A detox done the right way has several positive health benefits; you lose weight, your skin starts to glow, your digestion improves, and additionally, your energy levels go up. An Ayurvedic detox is a natural and popular method for a body cleanse. Here are a few ways to get started, don’t worry we won’t suggest anything you can’t sustain for a long-term :

When life gives you lemons, drink up

Tips to detox your lifestyle glass of honey lemon warm water

Lemon + Honey + Warm Water = Ultimate Morning Drink. A tall glass of lemon water re-hydrates your system, jump starts the digestion process and increases metabolism.

Slay the Sugar

Tips to detox your lifestyle cut out the sugar

Cut out the sugar. That’s as easy and as difficult as it gets. Eating sugar increases the need for insulin in your body, which strains the pancreas and drains you out. The extra kilos you shed are bound to leave you not only feeling fabulous but looking it too.

Go Organic and Love Your Greens

Tips to detox your lifestyle organic vegetables

Choosing organic and locally grown foods will automatically reduce your intake of any toxins and pesticides. These little things are what make the bigger difference. Plus, just the idea of fresh stir-fried veggies is making our mouths water.

Tea Time

Tips to detox your lifestyle green tea

Skip the coffee. Switch to green tea. This will give you a similar caffeine boost without the jitters, as it is gentler on your system. As tea is enriched with antioxidants, it will also keep your body constantly ‘detoxing’.

Move your body

Tips to detox your lifestyle move your body

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. We can’t stress enough about how important regular exercising is. It improves your blood circulation, enhances digestion, reduces tension, strengthens your body and decreases toxins. If yoga sessions are not for you, try out Zumba or perhaps join a gym.

You could also try Pure Cure + Co’s Detox, a deep internal Ayurvedic cleanse for digestive health. It’s a 10 day rapid action program that helps cleanse and detoxify your body, that makes your healthier.




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