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Build Your Immunity For The Season Change

Build your immunity for the season change

With the time come to bid a warm farewell to winter, we face the challenging task of getting through the seasonal changes without succumbing to any illnesses. Seasonal changes have a notorious history of wreaking havoc on a person’s immune system. Fluctuating temperatures, last of the occasional breezy spells and the unforgiving sun can take a major toll on your health. To challenge these rough climate changes, the only armour that can get you through to the other side is a strong immune system. Read on about a couple of magical ingredients to strengthen your immune system in time for the seasonal change.


Build your immunity for the season change with neem

Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., explains, “Consuming neem leaves before the advent of summer helps not only in boosting your immunity but also keeps your body internally cool.” Known for its inherent antimicrobial, anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it helps in keeping diseases at bay. The blood purifying properties of neem aid in clearing out the impurities and toxins from your blood, leaving you with an enhanced immune system. Including Neem from Pure Cure + Co. to your diet assists in maintaining a healthy digestive, respiratory and urinary system, which further improves your well-being.


 Build your immunity for the season change with turmeric

Changes in the weather can often warrant frequent visits to the doctor. Though medicines serve the purpose at hand, but in the long run, they leave your immune system weaker than it was, without the ability to naturally heal itself. Looking for other natural alternatives to charge up your immune system is what you should be doing prior to the seasonal changes. Turmeric from Pure Cure + Co. serves as an excellent option in this regard, as it boasts of the highest antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Generally, inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases that affect most people suffer during season changes, and turmeric comes to the rescue with its antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.These are the turmeric benefits for immune system.


Build your immunity for theseason change with garlic

Garlic is the best antibiotic that nature has gifted us with. It is made up of substances called allicin, garlicin, allistatin and ajoine which possess the strongest antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and these all translate into an enhanced immune system. Add Garlic from Pure Cure + Co. to your daily diet to avail all the potent health benefits of garlic, minus the bad breath.