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All the weight loss myths you need to stop believing now.

All the weight loss myths you need to stop believing now

Whether it is well-intentioned advice from friends and acquaintances, or the results of an unholy binge on Google in a bid to self-medicate, there’s a staggering amount of myths about weight loss that are blindly accepted as facts – more often than not, based on hearsay.The battle with weight loss can be an uphill task, one that invites a steady stream of advice, tips and suggestions from all those around. Here are all the myths that you need to turn a blind ear to.

Myth: Losing weight means having to go hungry for long stretches of time

Reality check: Skipping meals indiscriminately often leads to exhaustion, irritability and frustration that can trigger a relapse and slow down your metabolism that can, in turn,make you binge more than you usually would.Adopt mindful eating instead, with a mini-meal at four-hour intervals to chase away untimely cravings.

Myth: The only way to lose weight is to count carbs

Reality check: This much maligned c-word of the diet pyramid has earned itself a bad reputation, but remains an essential part of your daily nutrient intake. Ensure that you are feeding your body the right kind of carbohydrates through brown rice and wholemeal bread.

Myth: Strenuous exercise is a must for dropping the kilos

Reality check: A radical exercise regimen can surely help you reach your target weight, but in the long run, you’ll find that consistency will help you sustain your weight loss. It is widely recommended for adults to clock in at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week – this can be attained through walking, jogging or cycling if you aren’t a fan of fancy gym memberships. Start out small and build on it from there.

Myth: Snacks are a complete no-no

Reality check:It’s not about how much you eat, as it is about what you eat. Hunger pangs can often be a by-product of boredom, so keep some healthy treats with you at all times, or even a handful of nuts to avoid any unnecessary trips to the junk food counter.

Myth: If it tastes good, it is bad for you

Reality check: No, all healthy foods don’t taste bland. The key here is to upgrade your tastebuds by including more natural food items in your diet to provide your body with some wholesome nutrition.

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