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7 Warning Signs That You’Re Suffering From Stress Overload

7 warning signs that you’re suffering from stress overload

There are times when even though you think that things are under control, they actually aren’t. The stress of trying to make ends meet or coping with extreme work pressure or a bad phase in a personal relationship takes a toll on your body. There are signs that your body gives out when it is overloaded with stress, and it is essential that you listen to them and try to cure that mounting stress either by therapy or medications.


Sings that youre suffering from stress insomnia

Even though you have been burning yourself out at work, if you are still unable to get a peaceful sleep at night; that is the biggest warning sign that your body gives when it is dealing with extreme stress.


Sings that youre suffering from stress irritability

Unlike your nature, if you get annoyed at the smallest of things around you, it could be due to the stress that is building up that weakens your natural mood-lifting mechanisms. Frequent mood swings and a default shift to irritability could be a signal that you need to examine your daily life and identify any triggers of stress.

Sings that you re suffering from stress weight fluctuation

Different bodies react to stress in different ways; either your stressful situations make you move towards comfort foods and junk eating habits, or it could do the entire opposite and kill your appetite. Look out for drastic changes in your body weight as a sureshot pointer for stress.

Sings that you re suffering from stress binge drinking

It is no secret that people suffering from stress frequently look to alcohol as a coping mechanism. While alcohol does reduce stress in small quantities, but binge drinking will only make your condition worse as it builds up the stress.

Sings that youre suffering from stress decreased libido

A clear sign that can tell you that the stress levels in your body have exceeded danger levels is when you find your attention decreasing in the bedroom. High levels of stress play havoc with your libido, thus also making relationships turn sour that could in turn contribute to the vicious spiral of greater stress.


Sings that you re suffering from stress acne

When you have a sudden flare-up of acne for no apparent reason, it could be related to overactive hormones reacting to stress. While concrete scientific research is still underway on linking the two, several studies have shown that people undergoing high stress are more prone to break-outs.


Sings that you re suffering from stress headache

Perhaps due to the constant niggling worry at the back of your mind, headaches are an ever-present companion of those going through stress. If you suddenly have to rely on paracetamol to get through the day, know that your body is sending out an SOS for you to take it easy, breathe deeply and relax for a while.

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