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7 foods that make your constipation worse.

You’d be surprised to know that constipation is more common than you think – all thanks to a sedentary lifestyle in front of the laptop monitor for hours on end and lack of physical activity. Anything less than three bowel movements a week immediately puts you in risk of constipation, and its related problems that include bloating and gas – not exactly something that will endear you to your boss when you call in sick in the morning. The devil, as always, lies in the details, and in this particular case, in the finer details of your dietary choices with a host of everyday foods actively contributing to make your constipation worse. Here are all the ones that you need to watch out against, as well as the fast-acting constipation relief that will get you out of the woods. Thanks us later.

Unripe bananas

You’ve always been asked to munch on a banana when hit with indigestion, but an unripe banana can do the exact opposite. In its raw form, bananas include resistant starch that is harder for the body to digest as well as an influx of tannins that can slow down the speed with which food passes through your system.


Traditionally considered as a stimulant for indigestion, caffeine can hit the brakes on your digestive process. If you consume coffee, black tea or aerated cola drinks while you are dehydrated, it can affect your bowel movements for the worse.

Dairy products

Processed Milk, curds and all its related products are often saturated with fats that lead to bloating. The high-fat content is also more difficult for your system to digest which can serve as a key culprit in delaying your daily bowel movements.

Fried fast food

It isn’t called junk food for no reason. The cheese, oils and white bread that constitutes a resounding majority of the fast food menu brings with it saturated fats and copious amounts of salt that leave your insides dehydrated and sluggish.


You don’t need us to spell out the toll that frequent nights at the bar can take on your health, but one of the immediate drawbacks of hitting the booze is that it draws the brakes on your digestive system due to dehydration and its related electrolyte imbalance.

Energy drinks

Likewise, the high caffeine content in energy drinks can severely dehydrate your body. Since water is instrumental in pushing food along the body, a lack thereof makes it harder for your insides to pass along the load. As a safety measure, have one glass of water for every can of energy drink that you consume to restore the balance.

White bread

Each time you pick a slice of white bread over its whole grain alternative, you are passing up on a wide range of fibers and grains. The lack of nutrients ultimately contributes to frequent stomach cramping, followed by constipation.

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