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5 Weight Loss Foods That Vegetarians Will Love

5 weight loss foods that vegetarians will love

The science of weight loss has witnessed many advancements down the ages, but the universal truth that remains constant is that some foods directly affect our appetite. And while high-protein meats often headline diet plans for weight loss, the vegetarian alternatives are by no means restrictive. Here’s a list of five foods that vegetarians can easily include in their daily diet for weight loss.

Chia Seeds

Food that helps in weightloss chia seeds

No one thinks of chia seeds when they plan a weight loss diet. But these seeds are an excellent low carb food with high fibre content. Because of the high fibre content, eating chia seeds fills you up and reduces your appetite, thus helping you achieve your weight goals. So add them to water, juices, smoothies or puddings and make the most of this superfood.

Beans And Legumes

 Food that helps in weight loss beans and legumes

Our mothers insisted that we finish the beans and legumes on our plate, and for a very good reason. Lentils, black beans and kidney beans are packed with protein and fibre which lead to satiety.  Eating them keeps you full for a longer time and will stop you from reaching out for unhealthy snacks


  Food that helps in weight loss cabbage

Along with cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, cabbage contains high amounts of fibre and an adequate amount of protein. Hence when consumed, it fills up the stomach easily and serves as the perfect candidate to include in your daily diet.  


 Food that helps in weight loss tofu

Tofu is often called the vegetarian substitute for meat, and makes it to the recommended list as it is low in fat and calories, but rich in proteins. Eating tofu prevents obesity and helps boost weight loss. Stir fry tofu with vegetables, spread it on bread or grill it along with bell peppers for taste and health.  

Leafy Greens

 Food that helps in weight loss green leafy vegetables  

If you are planning to lose weight, you should definitely include leafy greens in your diet. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce etc are very nutritious and also help in burning fat. What’s more, they are packed with vitamins and nutrients. So. go ahead and add them to salads, sandwiches or soups

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