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5 ways to unclog your arteries and prevent heart disease

5 ways to unclog your arteries and prevent heart disease

The statement ‘prevention is better than cure’ couldn’t be used more aptly for anything other than heart diseases. The plaque that makes itself home on the inner walls of your arteries might be near impossible to flush out without surgical procedures once it gets too comfortable in there. So it is best to hand over the pink slip to your mortal enemy (literally) by adopting these preventive methods to keep your precious arteries in sound health.

Quit smoking
Tips to prevent heart disease quit smoking

Smoking is a serious threat  not just to your lungs, but it also endangers the health of your heart and blood vessels. The tobacco present in cigarettes builds up a plaque on the inner walls of arteries and causes atherosclerosis, which  eventually leads to heart disease. It is also wise to limit the consumption of alcohol, as excessive drinking puts unnecessary strain on your heart.

Sleep enough

 Tips to prevent heart disease enough sleep

As our night deadlines keep getting pushed to more and more later and those unavoidable office meetings keep getting earlier, the essential 8 hours’ of sleep everyday becomes a distant dream. Though we don’t give it a second thought as the caffeine that we sip on keeps us perky through the day, but sleep deprivation causes more harm than you can imagine. Increased risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure levels are all prominent concerns, which in turn increase our susceptibility towards heart diseases.

Shed those extra pounds

 Tips to prevent heart disease lose extra kilos

Not wanting to succumb to societal norms can become a convenient crutch to keep you from hitting the gym. But those extra kilos move beyond just the aesthetics; weight gain can potentially increase your LDL cholesterol, which then increases the risk of plaque build-up.  


Tips to prevent heart disease daily exercise

Physical activity is known to improve blood circulation and keep your heart healthy. So be it walking, swimming, jogging, or any other form of physical activity that fits into your lifestyle, assign at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule for any form of exercise of your choice.

If you are looking for a natural solution to keeping your arteries in peak condition, heading down the Ayurvedic route is an excellent option, as it does the work without any tension of side effects. Dr Arun (#askdrarun) the co-founder of Pure Cure + Co. is of the opinion that, “Kaishore Guggulu is perfect for cleansing the plaque in the arteries, purifying the blood and enhancing blood circulation.” Our Blood Sugar Support supplement could be the answer to your heart ailments and is most effective when taken regularly in combination with timely meals and regular exercise. Also, cut back on your daily intake of sugar, tinned foods and cool drinks for best results. 




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