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5-Minute Beauty Routine For Glowing Skin

5-minute beauty routine for glowing skin

When thinking about skincare routine, the first thing that comes to mind is just staying away from those pesky pimples. We lather on the most expensive of creams to steer clear of them, but in the process, often end up damaging the skin with the harsh chemicals that are used to help pop that zit overnight. Your skin starts looking older than its age, which calls for anti-aging creams, that could in turn dry out your skin, for which begins another cream hunt; and the vicious cycle goes on. Instead, you can always keep the packaged products at bay, and try going au naturel by exploiting the humble items from your kitchen. We’re all aware of the essential CTM routine that you need to follow for a glowing skin, but here’s a homemade and easy version that could work wonders for your skin.


Tips for glowing skin cleansing with raw honey

Throughout the day, your skin is exposed to dust, oil, bacteria and pollutants that form an unwanted layer of debris on your skin. Cleansing your face on a daily basis is extremely important, as it acts as your major defense against acne and other skin problems. Raw honey is one of the best cleansers as it aids in removing out the dirt and impurities in a gentle way, without dehydrating your skin. You just need to apply it directly on your skin, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. If you have oily skin, add a few drops of lemon juice to the honey. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, then add a little milk for more hydration.


Tips for glowing skin toning skin with rose water

After the cleansing process, your pores are cleansed and left open. The toning process is needed to tighten the pores and reduce their visibility. The humble Rose Water is the best option for toning your face. Rose water has mild astringent properties that are best suited for the toning process. You can just dab it on to your face with a cotton ball and leave it on. Enjoy the compliments that pour in about the beautiful and all-natural blush that stays with you all day.


Tips for glowing skin moisturising skin

Lastly, moisturising your skin leaves it supple and healthy looking. Our pick for this task is a handy vial of Glycerine. You can skip the chemicals, and experience its unadulterated goodness by directly applying it to your face, either directly or mixed with a little milk.. Rinse it off after 5 minutes for the most glowing skin of your life.


If you are looking to harness the benefits of all-natural ingredients, look to look at Ayurveda for all your skincare needs. Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., elaborates, “In order to solve a problem you need to get to its root cause for more effective and lasting results. Cleansing out the blood and liver flushes out the toxins and improves blood circulation, which translates to a glowing, spotless complexion.” Manjishta, a power-packed Ayurvedic herb that aids in a complete skin detox. The easiest way to get your hands on it is Glow from Pure Cure + Co. Take 1-2 tablets before meals daily for 2 weeks to see a clearer and glowing skin.





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