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5 Major Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Regularly


The oiling of hair is a classic ritual in Indian households, with the weekend champi session occupying a special place in our childhood memories. Beyond the therapeutic benefits of an invigorating massage, regular oiling of hair offers manifold long-term benefits, from faster hair growth to warding off premature graying of hair. If you’re looking to tackle a host of haircare concerns in one go, make space in your daily routine for hair oils. Here’s exactly what you can expect in return:

Shiny, Strong Hair

Benefits of oiling your hair shiny strong hair

Hair oil can work on undoing the damage done to hair from daily exposure to pollution and environmental aggressors. Regular oiling can turn damaged, dry tresses into shiny, lustrous locks by nourishing the hair shaft from within. 

Reduced Hairfall

Benefits of oiling your hair reduce hairfall

This hair loss medicine, in turn, reduces hairfall because stronger hair is lesser prone to breakage. If you’ve been noticing more broken strands on your pillow than you’d like, opt for a regular oiling session to nourish and fortify the scalp. 

Lesser Frizz

Benefits of oiling your hair less frizzy hair

Those who have been battling with monsoon frizz will want to add a weekend oil massage to their to-do list. Hair oils are loaded with vitamins that form a protective barrier around the hair shaft and prevent it from losing moisture, thereby reducing frizz. 

Promote Hair Growth

Benefits of oiling your hair promote hair growth

Hair oils are also known to induce faster hair growth by supplying the hair shaft with nutrients that prevent hair loss. When the scalp is fortified, you’ll notice lesser hairfall and as a result, faster hair growth. 

Prevent Premature Graying

Benefits of oiling your hair prevent premature graying

As a consequence of our hectic lifestyle, premature graying has become a common concern for the youth of today. Graying of hair occurs when the cells at the base of the hair stop generating the coloured pigments that give hair its colour. Vitamin B12 plays a significant role in producing coloured pigments, which is supplied by hair oils. 

Dr Arun, co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., elaborates, “Ayurveda considers the head as the epicentre of all thinking and decision-making, as well as all the stress. Regular oiling of hair can serve as an effective tool for rejuvenation of the scalp and this, in turn, helps restore balance to one’s life.” If you haven’t added best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth to your haircare routine yet, you’ll want to change that right away. For best results, warm the oil slightly and massage it along the length of your hair and into your scalp using the tips of your fingers before going to bed. Rinse it off thoroughly the next morning with warm (rather than boiling hot) water for a shinier, stronger mane.




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