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5 Secrets About Weight Loss


5 secrets about weight loss

Down the centuries, the science of weight loss has remained something of an enigma. The constant advances in research and technology translates into a rotating roster of techniques designed to help you hit that ideal number on the weighing scale. To help you distill the facts from the hearsay, here are 5 new pieces of information to update what you currently know about weight loss.

  1. While water has traditionally been associated with bloating, new evidence    suggests that drinking more water can do the reverse and help you burn calories instead. Drinking half a litre of water at least half an hour before meals can boost your metabolism and help you shave off 40% more calories.
  2. Intermittent fasting is the latest trend to sweeping through the health industry, and it is finding a fan in health experts and everyday people, alike. This eating pattern involves periodic cycles of fasting and eating to avail the same benefits of calorie restriction, and even prevent loss of muscle mass in the long run.
  3. Utilising smaller plates is purported to help individuals exercise better portion control, and consequently consume lesser fewer calories due to increased feelings of satiety. Simultaneously, maintaining a food diary or itemising the things on your plate can also aid in reducing binge-eating and cravings during the day.
  4. The technical aspect of weight loss is said to encompass the speed at which you’re chewing as well. Research suggests that chewing food slowly and thoroughly helps the brain register what you’re eating and accordingly signal when you’ve had enough to eat.
  5. Getting a good night’s sleep remains one of the cornerstones of leading a healthy lifestyle. While the benefits of wholesome sleep in reducing stress are well-documented, not many know that irregular sleep patterns are linked to obesity.

To shed further light on the matter, Dr Arun (#askdrarun), co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., explains, “Certain herbs, like Guggulu, can help actively discourage fat accumulation, including stubborn belly and thigh fat, by using it as fuel.” Trim from Pure Cure + Co. serves as a holistic, natural aid for weight loss without the side effects of conventional weight loss products. Opt for the 30-day weight loss challenge by including Trim in your daily diet, alongside regular exercise and a low-calorie diet.




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