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5 Guided Sleep Meditations To Add To Your Nightly Routine

5 guided sleep meditations to add to your nightly routine
While some people are dead to the world the minute they hit the bed, there is another set of people who are not so lucky when it comes to falling asleep. Insomniacs know the pain of spending endless hours in bed without being able to sleep. A healthy sleep at night has more to do with the quality of rest, rather than the quantity of hours. Backed by scientific research, it has been proven that meditation goes a long way in fighting mild insomnia. This is because it helps in creating inner conditions that make it easier to drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Guided sleep meditation is another technique that insomniacs turn to in times of need. This practice involves a trained practitioner guiding a group of people and coaching them into a sense of tranquillity. They strive to remove the stubborn and troubling thoughts from your mind and promote a deep and healing sleep. Serene landscape imagery or soothing music is used in combination with verbal instructions to transport you to a calmer place.

The more you force yourself to sleep, the more likely it is for sleep to completely evade you. Mindfulness is not something that comes easily to all, and requires a certain amount of practice. Here are some of the best guided sleep meditations to help you fall, and stay, asleep.


This blissfully calm talk-down will help you drift off into a calming sleep. They feature the best quality graphics and sounds to transport you into surreal surroundings.



This guided meditation guides you to a better place. Give your overthinking mind a rest and let perspective take over and guide you towards a peaceful sleep.


This popular channel helps in balancing and healing the seven chakras with their guided sleep meditation procedure. They also deal with health issues related to chakras.



This calming session helps you in getting rid of unwanted and toxic thoughts that stand in theway of your inner peace and tranquillity.



This channel offers soothing sleep meditation music that helps you drift off into instantpeaceful sleep.


Dr Arun, co-founder of Pure Cure + Co., says, “The Ayurvedic formulas of Jatamansi,Katuki and Sarpagandha assist the body in releasing pent-up tension and quieten the agitatedmind. These can be safely used to regularise sleep patterns without any adverse reactions.”Sleep from Pure Cure + Co., taps into the goodness of Sarpagandha, which helps in calmin the agitated mind, normalising the blood pressure and releasing tension. This allows the body to ease into a tranquil sleep and wake up re-energised the next morning.





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