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5 ways to maintain your facial glow

5 Ways To Maintain Your Facial Glow

You’d be lying if you told us that radiant, glowing skin hasn’t been topping your beauty priority list since the age of 15. However, we’re also fa...
pure cure product dosage

What is the dosage of my product?

Check out the correct dosage of your Pure Cure Ayurveda product.
ayurveda weight loss rules

Rules for safe weight loss with Ayurveda

Ayurveda asks you not to focus on calories or fad diets, but to ensure your eating habits are your lifestyle. INGREDIENTSThe most important aspect ...
Free diet plan for weight loss

Free Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Speeding up your metabolism is one of the most practical Ayurvedic weight loss tips. A slow metabolic rate means a weak digestive fire that does n...
Looking for glowing skin we bet you haven't tried these tips yet

Looking For Glowing Skin? We Bet You Haven't Tried These Tips Yet

Hectic work schedules, an erratic eating pattern and inadequate sleep can take their toll on the skin. Add to that the environmental aggressors,...
5 healthy skin habits you need to have developed by now.

4 healthy skin habits you need to have developed by now.

There may have been a time when your skincare routine consisted of a hasty swipe of lip balm and sunscreen before heading out the sun. But as you ...
Treat your hair at home

Treat Your Hair at Home

Has your hair been feeling limp and not luscious enough? But how do you treat your hair without drilling a hole into your wallet and scheduling an...
Try these 5 diy tips to strengthen your tresses

Suffering From Hair Fall? Try These 5 Diy Tips To Strengthen Your Tresses

Your mane is your crowning glory, and all it requires is just a little tender loving care for it to flourish. Ditch the expensive army of shampoos...
5 daily habits to develop now to slow down ageing

5 daily habits to develop now to slow down ageing

Concerns about ageing often come under crossfire forbeing a narcissistic expression of vanity, but the fact remains that how you treat your body n...
Age defense

Age Defense

Ageing is part of growing older and wiser, but that doesn’t mean you have to take the inevitable aches and pains lying down. Healthy ageing depend...
Everyone can follow this easy 10-day detox plan

Everyone can follow this easy 10-day detox plan

Detox diets serve as a permanent buzzword on the health trends chart. Can’t seem to get what the hype is all about? We’ll break it down for you. W...
Detox your lifestyle

Detox Your Lifestyle

After the holiday season, detoxing is a great way to help get rid of those toxins (and chocolate chip cookies). A detox done the right way has sev...